#177: Living With Water In New Orleans

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#177: Living With Water In New Orleans

New Orleans has a complicated relationship with water. The city draws much of its identity from the Mississippi River, the bayous and swamps of southern Louisiana, and the nearby Gulf of Mexico. But the location and topography mean New Orleans has historically faced storms and flooding, which are worsening due to climate change. 


The traditional use of large, engineered infrastructure to manage water is not enough. This episode explores how New Orleans is adopting a Living With Water approach to bolster its resilience. 


Rami Diaz, an architect with Waggonner & Ball, discusses lessons from the Dutch in allowing water to be part of the landscape and how spaces across the city are being transformed. Meagan Williams, Urban Water Program Manager with the City of New Orleans, explains how green infrastructure is being implemented on public property and reducing floodwaters. Angela Chalk, Executive Director of Healthy Community Services, talks about helping residents in the 7th Ward install nature based solutions at their homes and improve their neighborhood.

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