A Milestone 2 Million Hours In The Making

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A Milestone 2 Million Hours In The Making

Denver Water’s Northwater Treatment Plant passes major safety milestone thanks to careful planning, engaged workers.

Two million dollars, 2 million beers, 2 million puppies — that’s all a lot, especially all at once. (By the way, these are ranked in order of personal preference.)

But 2 million labor hours safely worked on design and construction at a complex job site without an incident causing somebody to miss time? That calls for recognition and celebration.

And that’s what everybody involved with the construction of Denver Water’s Northwater Treatment Plant is doing — celebrating the milestone of 2 million hours safely worked on the project.

For a project of this size and scope, it’s impressive,” said Pete McCormick, project manager for Denver Water’s new treatment plant. “It took so much planning and so many people working together to get to this point. We’re all proud to be a part of this.”

“It is a very unique project,” said Jesse Bowman, safety manager at Kiewit, the construction manager at risk for the project. 

“For instance, we’ve had to work with many unique fall protection scenarios here that others may not have seen before. We have multiple organizations working together. We’ve had 100- to 300-plus craft people here at one time. We’ve had up to 60 pieces of heavy equipment on site at times, and we’ve done confined space work. It’s all an incredible challenge. And to do that all safely is truly impressive,” Bowman said.

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