Advanced technologies for the elimination of micropollutants

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Advanced technologies for the elimination of micropollutants

Advanced t echnologies for the e limination of micropollutants

Porrentruy WWTP - another success story scripted by WABAG in Switzerland

Being a pioneer, Switzerland was the first country in Europe to mandate elimination of micropollutants under the Water Protection Act. For more than a decade, WABAG has been involved in R&D aimed at the elimination of micropollutants. As a result, WABAG is one of the few companies, able to offer all the relevant technologies such as ozonation and activated carbon adsorption, as well as their combination. Thus, WABAG has emerged as a market leader under this segment.

The 30,200 m3/d Porrentruy WWTP at Switzerland bears ample testimony to WABAG’s technological expertise for the elimination of organic micro-pollutants. WABAG was responsible for the design, engineering, delivery and installation of the electromechanical equipment and commissioning of the process technology

Special Features of   Porrentruy WWTP

  • A combined process of Ozonation followed by a bioactive filter – the BIOZONE® process - is implemented  for the removal of micropollutant
  • An intelligent design enables the gravimetric integration of the additional process stage into the hydraulic profile of the existing plant.

WABAG has successfully demonstrated the reliability of the processes for the elimination of micropollutants in Switzerland and commissioned 10 WWTPs having a cumulative max. capacity of over 1,000,000 m3/dwith an additional 8 WWTPs under construction.