'Agrowand' to analyse soil water, air in a blink of eye,

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'Agrowand' to analyse soil water, air in a blink of eye,

The Computer Science and Physics departments of the Deenbandhu Chhoturam University for Science and Technology (DCRUST) collaborated on an innovation that is supposed to be “Farmer’s Friend” in future. The device can provide thoroughly detailed analyses of soil, water and air within milliseconds directly to the farmer. The device can also help farmers to have better yield and better output at a minimum input of manure, fertilizers, pesticides, and other supplements.

The invented device “Agrowand” is the brainchild of students Anshul (Physics), Kashish, and Naveen (Computer Sciences), under the guidance of Professor Dinesh Singh. This technology has been crafted in such a way that the resultant gizmo is perfectly handy and portable.

The device is capable of measuring 12 parameters of soil (such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, carbon, iron, nitrogen, phosphorus, pH, moisture etc.)

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