Aquanovation Inc. Signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Evoqua Water Technologies

Aquanovation Inc. Signs Technology Licensing Agreement with Evoqua Water Technologies

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Gloucester, MA — Aquanovation, Inc., a manufacturer of electro-chemical based membrane
products for the water treatment, lithium extraction, agricultural/irrigation water and energy
storage markets announced the signing of an exclusive, global license agreement with Evoqua
Water Technologies (NYSE: AQUA), an industry leader in mission-critical water treatment
Headquartered in Gloucester, Aquanovation has licensed the technology and patent portfolio
(300+ patents) of Evoqua’s product line formerly known as NEXED. The core products include
best-in-class ion exchange membranes (anion, cation, monovalent) as well as the novel design
of electrodialysis and reverse electrodialysis modules.

Aquanovation will manufacture the
products for use in water applications such as seawater desalination, brackish water treatment,
specific ion removal for agricultural applications and ion specific applications such as lithium
extraction and Redox flow batteries used for energy storage.
Aquanovation will supply to system integrators and solution providers globally the engineered
membrane components and products which can be used to solve complex separation
challenges for a wide variety of end markets.

"We are pleased that Evoqua Water Technologies chose to work with us and has the
confidence in Aquanovation to make these best-in-class products available to global markets"
said Anil Jha, Aquanovation CEO.

"With this agreement, Aquanovation has access to a global market with a product line which is
superior to other ion exchange membranes and commercially ready for a wider set of
applications. The licensed product lines underwent a significant development effort over the
last 10 years and we are excited to share with a wider market their benefits and advantages”
said Stefan Abramo, Aquanovation COO.

About Us:
Aquanovation was co-founded by Anil Jha and Stefan Abramo. Anil Jha is an innovator and an
entrepreneur and the former CEO and founder of Hydronovation Inc. Anil is an inventor of
electro-deionization technology and holder of over 130 worldwide patents which led to over 50
distinct and commercially successful products.
Stefan Abramo is a successful entrepreneur, and seasoned business leader with 35+ years of
leading profitable international water businesses including the Evoqua business which first
commercialized the licensed product. This experience was foundational in establishing the
sales and operational strategy for Aquanovation.
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