Biological treatment process for nitrate in groundwater gains state approval

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Biological treatment process for nitrate in groundwater gains state approval

Biological treatment process for nitrate in groundwater gains state approval
MIH Water completes another successful pilot program using patented Hall BioProcess™
CLAREMONT, Calif., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A pilot study using the Hall BioProcess™, an advanced treatment method that employs naturally occurring bacteria to remove nitrate from contaminated groundwater, secured another approval of its effectiveness from the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB).

The validation stems from a recent pilot study of the Hall BioProcess™ by MIH Water Treatment, Inc. (MIH) and the Fontana Water Company (FWC) in Fontana, California. The reduction of nitrate to near non-detect levels will allow FWC to put decommissioned groundwater wells back into service, expanding water supply options.

The simple, eco-friendly process uses a three-chamber system and naturally occurring bacteria that essentially consume nitrate, perchlorate and other contaminants. When compared to traditional treatment systems, the patented Hall BioReactor™ costs less to operate, is more efficient and does not create contaminated waste or byproducts.

"This successful project further demonstrates the advantages of the Hall BioProcess™, which harnesses naturally occurring microorganisms to safely and reliably treat a range of contaminants," said Peter Hall, Chief Technical Officer at MIH. "The Hall BioProcess™ has proven its effectiveness and reliability in groundwater remediation applications for industry clients. Having the Hall BioProcess™ available to drinking water agencies will help them address worsening water supply shortages brought on by reoccurring droughts."

MIH completed similar projects for San Antonio Water Company in Upland, California, and West Valley Water District in Rialto, California, both also approved by the SWRCB. State regulations require a separate approval when treatment projects are proposed on different groundwater sources.

The water treated at FWC exceeded water quality requirements for nitrate levels and the pilot study was cleared by the SWRCB's Division of Drinking Water.

"The Hall BioProcess™ performed flawlessly in all levels of challenge testing," said Josh Swift, FWC's Vice President and General Manager. "Our water production operators were included in the pilot study and found the system highly intuitive to operate. The Hall BioProcess™ will restore lost production capacity from wells with elevated nitrate contamination."

Nitrate groundwater contamination, common throughout California and other agricultural areas throughout the United States and globally, is largely associated with historical farming practices and the use of fertilizer in agricultural fields which has migrated over time into aquifers. Nitrate pollution in groundwater can pose serious health risks to pregnant women and infants if consumed at concentrations above the State's Maximum Contaminant Level.

About MIH Water Treatment, Inc.
MIH provides advanced biological water treatment technology and services, which enhance the availability of scarce groundwater supplies for drinking water and improve the quality of regional aquifers. MIH utilizes the Hall BioProcess™, a patented, revolutionary and environmentally friendly biological water treatment solution for the removal of nitrate, perchlorate, and other hazardous contaminants from groundwater. The Hall BioProcess™ has proven to exceed the efficiencies of conventional technologies with lower cost and smaller footprint, without hazardous waste stream or byproducts.

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