DIY Unpowered Terracotta Valve

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DIY Unpowered Terracotta Valve

Three minutes of you time now may save you thousands of dollars on an automatic irrigation system. This video tells you how to make a DIY Unpowered Terracotta Valve using components available from local stores or the internet. Use for sprinkler or drip irrigation.

The valve lets you adjust both the irrigation frequency and the dripper discharge. The irrigation frequency is adjusted by adjusting the float.

The dripper discharge is adjusted by adjusting the control dripper. The valve responds automatically to the on-site evaporation and rainfall. You can leave your irrigation application unattended for months on end.

During the winter months the irrigation stops automatically while the rainfall is greater than the evaporation.

This low cost invention is more water efficient than a conventional smart irrigation controller that responds to weather data from the BOM. And nothing can be more energy efficient than unpowered. It is recommended that you also watch the video “Unpowered Terracotta Valve”.

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