Easy read of third party meters and sensors

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Easy read of third party meters and sensors

Kamstrup case study

The Danish smart metering supplier Kamstrup needed to easily read smart meters and other devices that were not manufactured by the company itself. This would be an advantage to their business since the installed base of smart meters, sensors, pumps and other equipment in water networks often consists of devices from many different manufacturers. By running Omnio’s software, the Kamstrup READy software platform could work instantly with all these devices, with no manual integration work.

Kamstrup.pngHaving already spent time and effort on supporting third party devices themselves, Kamstrup understood the challenging work this task normally requires. As Product Manager Allan Nielsen explained: "We are able to do third party device integration by ourselves, but it is a time consuming process for us and we prefer to focus on our core offerings instead, so we are looking for alternative solutions which Omnio can indeed provide".

Kamstrup tasked Omnio with deciphering and interpreting data from a range of third party water meters. The data was delivered by Kamstrup with no further instructions besides the raw data string and the model name of the meter. Two weeks later Omnio presented a working proof of concept, interpreting and serving the data live through the Omnio cloud service.

Fact box:

“Omnio has shown us that collecting data from a wide range of devices does not have to be difficult. In fact, Omnio makes the whole process a matter of just a few clicks.” — Allan Nielsen (Product Manager, Kamstrup)