German Innovation Award  for Wasser 3.0

German Innovation Award  for Wasser 3.0

German Design Council has honored companies with the German Innovation Award

With this award, the renowned institution recognizes meaningful product innovations that are, on the one hand, forward-looking, and on the other hand distinguish themselves through user-centered development, thus making our daily lives better and easier.

German Innovation Award 2021 in Gold

 - the highest award given by the jury - is  Wasser 3.0  in the competition class 'Excellence in Business to Business' in the field 'Chemical Industry'!

This is what the jury writes about Wasser 3.0

"Microplastics and micropollutants can be detected almost everywhere today – in the ocean, rivers and lakes or in animals and human organs. Whereas conventional procedures for water purification – such as in sewage plants – often have their limits due to the complexity and diversity of soiling, Wasser 3.0 not only provides innovative solutions for detecting and removing harmful particles from water, but also considers their reuse. The solutions developed by Wasser 3.0 are affordable and easy to integrate, while at the same time being modular, scalable and low-maintenance.

An exemplary non-profit initiative that is committed to tackling a global problem," writes the jury in their statement.

Needless to say, we are very honoured and happy :)

And who is behind the German Innovation Award?

The German Innovation Award's top-class and interdisciplinary jury of experts embodies a diverse range of expertise, from the fields of product design, marketing, computer science, technology history, physics, patent consulting and financial services. "With this range of expertise, we guarantee an individual, neutral and expert evaluation," emphasizes Lutz Dietzold, managing director of the German Design Council.

A total of 680 submissions from German and international companies from a wide range of industries have been accepted for the German Innovation Award 2021, including not only many well-known brands but also hidden champions and start-ups.

The German Innovation Award is presented in a total of 40 categories, divided into two competition classes: 'Excellence in Business to Consumer' and 'Excellence in Business to Business'. In addition, a winner was selected in the special category 'Design Thinking'.