Hydro BioScience, LLC. The SolaRaft-iQM™. Remote water quality monitoring system won't tip over

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Hydro BioScience, LLC. The SolaRaft-iQM™. Remote water quality monitoring system won't tip over

Water Quality Monitoring now Accessible Anywhere on the Planet from a Cell Phone
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The Solaraft-iQM delivers up to the minute water quality data from anywhere on the planet, directly to your cellphone.

A look inside the SolaRaft-iQM. The worlds most advanced remote water quality monitoring system

solaraft-iqm-exploded-view.pngThe SolaRaft-iQM reports to your cell phone through a cloud based monitoring platform.

Hydro BioScience, LLC advances the tools in the fight for clean water across the globe with new remote water quality monitoring system: the SolaRaft-iQM™.

By providing up to the minute water quality data, we can help forecast water quality issues before they arise, and steer management strategies towards the best possible direction,”— Antonio TrigianiPINEY FLATS, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- With increasing occurrences of toxic and harmful algae blooms, resulting from man-made environmental disasters, threatening our planet’s clean water sources, water quality monitoring has become a tool of importance to collect and monitor the state of our resources. To aid in the process of mitigating potential environmental disasters through proactive and responsible countermeasures, up to the minute water conditions need constant assessment and evaluation.

Traditionally, water quality monitoring has been very costly, requiring not only great equipment expense, but also time and manpower required to collect samples, test, and wait on reports. The lag in time between testing and reporting is critical because water quality can change quickly, hampering management processes into an endless game of catch-up.

While certain and limited types of water quality monitoring systems are currently available, their great expense, weight and size has left many with limited options but to defer back to archaic testing methods. HBS, LLC (HBS) answered the call by developing and making available a more efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective system with the introduction of the SolaRaft-iQM™: The Worlds Most Advanced Remote Water Quality Monitoring System.

With the latest cutting-edge technology available, HBS introduced a perfectly self-sustaining, solar powered monitoring system that collects, measures, and reports a wide variety of important water quality data to any computer or smartphone. With additional near-wireless, RF and serial communications, the system delivers critical data to most any common data terminal.

Completely designed from the ground up, and manufactured in Piney Flats TN by Hydro BioScience, LLC, this system weighs under 70 lbs., can be easily installed by 1 -2 people, arrives virtually out-of-the-box assembled, and is available for much less than what one would expect to pay for similarly advanced technologies. Additionally, as opposed to simply using an off-the-shelf buoy option, a proprietary patent pending HBS design is used. Engineered to protect sensitive monitoring technology, this unique and proprietary HBS design helps ensure a combination of desirable features that many other similar products, lack, and include:

• Maximum energy collection and storage from high wattage, high efficiency solar panels.
• Worldwide patented algorithmically correct, battery charging technology.
• Protective enclosed construction to protect sensitive telemetry and data collection modules.
• Low profile, lightweight, highly visible, easily shipped worldwide, and easily managed and deployed design architecture – no tools needed.

Reporting on a wide variety of water quality data, selected by the user as options, the SolaRaft-iQM™ is also conveniently equipped with anti-theft deterrents, GPS technology, and impact/shock warning alerts. Schedules of water quality data transmission, including warnings and alarms, can be set by the user to report at a variety of intervals from 6 minutes or longer. Information is transmitted to a cloud-based monitoring platform and is easily accessible from a computer or smartphone regardless of the user’s location or proximity to the unit.

“Through diligence in research and development, and staying true to our stewardship of the environment, we’ve again, added extremely powerful options to the toolbox of the water quality management industry by establishing a high level of quality and a new, lower level of affordability, without breaking the bank. By providing up to the minute water quality data, we can help forecast water quality issues before they arise, and steer management strategies towards the best possible direction,” says Antonio Trigiani, President of Hydro BioScience, LLC.

Since its beginnings in 2016, Mr. Trigiani (President) has guided HBS to become a pioneer and leader in effectual, ultrasonic applications in algae and biofilm management - eradication. His Quattro-DB® and Mezzo-DB™ ultrasonic algae and biofilm management systems can be found in thousands of applications across the planet including some of the largest water management services in the USA. This 100% chemical-free approach has seen deployment all over the world and is often cited as being singularly responsible for cleaner water with reduced or eliminated necessity for chemical applications.

With the introduction of the SolaRaft-iQM™ and new telemetry advances incorporated into their existing ultrasonic algae remediation systems, Hydro BioScience, LLC has provided invaluable tools in the arsenal of monitoring and protecting water resources. By staying informed on every nuance of the management process, from the water condition to the operational condition of each device, HBS seems to have guaranteed an effective, intelligent, and data driven strategy without interruption or compromise.


Hydro BioScience, LLC is a scientific research, engineering, and manufacturing company, located in Piney Flats TN. Pioneers in the application of ultrasound for algae and biofilm management and eradication, HBS also manufactures the world's most advanced water quality monitoring systems. HBS currently works with many municipalities and private individuals in aiding the implementation of applications targeting the lowering of their chemical footprint, cleaning their water sources, and ensuring safe environmental conditions where water is concerned.
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The SolaRaft-iQM withstands harsh conditions and stays upright.

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