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Over 40 years ago, Hydra-Stop opened for business with line tapping and line stopping equipment for 4"–8" pipes. Over the next 18 years, we launched improvements to our existing offering, expanded our line stopping capabilities, and conceived, engineered, and tested a new and innovative design for valve insertion. This led us to the launch of the very first Insta-Valve in 1999.

Since our humble beginnings, we continuously look to improve upon our solutions while also developing new products to  provide water professionals novel, efficient, and cost-effective solutions  to assess and gain control of their water distribution system while  keeping the water running for essential infrastructures , like hospitals, schools, and fire protection.

This drive to  always improve and innovate  is sparked by our customers. We are here to listen so that we can better help you manage your distribution system in a safe, productive, and cost-efficient process.

Customer feedback is the cornerstone of moving our business forward  and your input has led to a number of product advancements and new solutions.

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