Molson Coors, Canada

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Molson Coors, Canada

For our customer Molson Coors in Canada,

We are collaborating with FILTRUM to supply a new WWTP

Global Water & Energy designed the complete process and supplied all equipment while FILTRUM takes the lead for plant installation.


 Together we are contributing to deliver a plant according to local Canadian regulations. The WWTP includes the following operational units :

– A pretreatment step composed by an Equalization Glass Coated Steel tank for buffering large flow variation and influent concentrations variation;
–   An influent heat exchanger and its CALORIX ™ Heating unit able to reuse biogas produced by the plant or Natural gas;
–   An anaerobic treatment step using the ANUBIX™ – B reactor;
– A biogas system using a ground flare;
–   A polishing  step through a post-aeration system for odor removal

Thanks Filtrum for the superb collaboration!