Natural Systems Utilities and LuminUltra Partner to Ensure Water Reuse Quality – XPV Water Partners

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Natural Systems Utilities and LuminUltra Partner to Ensure Water Reuse Quality – XPV Water Partners

Cities are facing growing demand and competition for water. At the same time, water supplies are increasingly inconsistent due to prolonged droughts and other extreme weather events related to a changing climate. Regions that rely on the Colorado River, for example, are currently under Tier 2a shortage, limiting water access for several states. These rules mean that all sectors must work together to manage limited supplies and prioritize water use and consumption for things like generating power, growing crops, protecting ecosystems, and meeting many other needs. 

Many states are looking to water reuse as a critical part of the solution.  

Water reuse (also known as water recycling or water reclamation) recovers water from a variety of sources and then treats and reuses it for beneficial purposes such as agriculture and irrigation, potable and non-potable water supplies such as flush water, groundwater replenishment, industrial processes, and environmental restoration. Water reuse is providing alternatives to existing water supplies and can be used to enhance water security, sustainability, and resilience (US EPA). 

Long-term water sustainability, ecosystem health, public health, and economic prosperity depend on the safe and swift implementation of water reuse projects, from decentralized water systems in residential buildings to larger-scale applications for cities and industry. The big challenge is to ensure that these systems provide continuous and reliable water quality. 

Leading the way in water reuse  

For several decades,  Natural Systems Utilities  (NSU), has been an industry leader when it comes to distributed or onsite wastewater treatment and reuse. The company’s onsite wastewater treatment systems have treated more than 50 billion gallons of water, and 95+% of its facilities directly reuse that water or use that water to recharge local groundwater resources. The company is providing solutions for companies like Google, Microsoft and other leading tech companies along with Gillette Stadium where the NFL’s New England Patriots play. 

While traditionally treated municipal water assumes a certain level of quality that meets established state standards and guidelines, water reuse facilities face a higher level of scrutiny. “With reuse, you have to prove quality in every drop,” says Sheng Chu, Managing and Research Engineer for NSU. “Many states are starting to realize the incredible value of water reuse, but in many cases, the standards are still being developed, so we have to take extra measures to ensure the water meets all public health requirements.” 

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