Remarkable sludge dewatering 90%ds

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Remarkable sludge dewatering 90%ds

Dear Valued BLUEWIN’s customer,

In this year 2022, the continued growth of ELODE and NVD was evident.

Thank you so much for your continued cooperation.

[Bluewin, a professional sludge treatment company]

80% of all sludge that exists in the world is causing secondary pollution and is difficult to recycle to resources. Only 20% of all sludge can be used as resources by following steps: dehydration → reduction → drying →rendering to resource. However, handles all kinds of these difficult-dewaterable organic sludge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with ELODE+NVD which is an easier, faster and compact operating system.

We guarantee the combined system of ELODE+NVD provides the lowest OPEX & CAPEX (40%DS as lowest to 80~90% as highest) with our know-how that has accumulated over 35 years of abundant field experiences.

The ELODE+NVD combination system starts at the pre-thickening concentrator and passes sludge through various dehydrators such as BELTPRESS, CENTRIFUGE, SCREWPRESS, or FILTERPESS, which they are called as the 1st mechanical dewatering machinery. From the 1st stage, the sludge will obtain about 20%DS (moisture content 80%WT) and that means the sludge is in “Glue Zone”. Glue Zone is when sludge reaches 20~40%DS which is the most difficult zone for dehydration and drying. Through our system ELODE, sludge can be achieved more than 40%DS in just 1min 30sec. THIS IS WORLD FASTEST TIME! & WORLD LOWEST ENERGY CONSUMPTION!

After the 1st stage, the dehydrated sludge CAKE enters ELODE to process the 2nd stage. During the 2nd stage, SFD (Sludge Feeding Device) the sludge distribution device, automatically optimizes the thickness and width of the sludge, and controls the speed of the belt dependent on the properties of the sludge.

As soon as the sludge goes between the DRUM and the BELT, the (+) and (-) electrodes are transferred from AC to DC. At the same time, 3 key technologies of 'electro-penetration, electro-osmosis, and electrophoresis' are applied. With these technologies, cell membrane that contains sludge cell water and interstitial water is moved to the (+) and (-) poles. And then, the cell membrane gets destroyed immediately, and provides the Free Water. The cell membrane is originally impossible to dehydrate with mechanical dehydration, but ELODE can dehydrate the 'Free water' within 1min 30sec and kill most of the E-coli.

The CAKE-off from the ELODE automatically generates 'Coulomb heating' at a minimum of 40℃ and a maximum of 80℃ due to the DC fast shortwave movement of (+) and (-), and organic conductivity reaction. Since the moisture from inside of the CAKE continuously evaporates, NVD receives the CAKE directly from the ELODE and achieves a minimum of 70%DS and a maximum of 90%DS within 1 hour. This can happen with a specially designed fine Orifice Airline which is providing air conditioning and gentle external natural wind.

The final CAKE-off from NVD is a flat type which is different from the granules of general thermal high-temperature dryers. It does not contain any dust, but only contains calories as it depends on the properties of the sludge. If this CAKE is mixed with sawdust or hay and produced into pellets, it can be used as a substitute for renewable fuel energy and reused as manure or animal feed.

The low-energy and high-efficiency processing technology that ELODE+NVD has is a quick drying method without secondary pollution and also can reduce a lot of carbon.

The combination system of ELODE+NVD will drastically reduce current sludge treatment costs by providing the highest throughput and highest drying efficiency for organic sludge with the lowest energy in the world. ELODE+NVD combination system will quickly pay back the initial investment at a very competitive price and return high profits to users/buyers in a long term. ELODE+NVD is designed to be monitored 24 hours and possible to operate via a mobile phone App. For more information, please visit the website of Bluewin, the professional sludge treatment company.


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