Remediation and Treating Wastepaper Recycling Mill Wastewater

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Remediation and Treating Wastepaper Recycling Mill Wastewater

Synagro's AquaPurgo™ Technology Pilot Study Successfully Remediates and Treats Typical Wastepaper Recycling Mill Wastewater

The mobile universal wastewater treatment system provides industrial, commercial and municipal wastewater generators with a cost-effective alternative to conventional wastewater treatment technologies for beneficial use or safe discharge into the environment.

BALTIMORE, Nov.1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Synagro Technologies, Inc., the preeminent provider of biosolids and residuals solutions services including water purification in North America, today announced the success of a recent pilot study to remediate and treat typical wastewater discharged from wastepaper recycling mills with its AquaPurgo™ mobile universal wastewater treatment system. The AquaPurgo system's technology removes contaminants including total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, heavy metals, and pathogens which create challenges and disposal issues including elevated surcharges and disposal costs for the wastepaper recycling industry.

"Depleting freshwater resources and increased demand for potable water together with the increased cost of disposal of wastewater due to introduction of more stringent discharge criteria as well as introduction of new and emerging contaminants, has created insurmountable economical, technical and social challenges for commercial, municipal and significant industrial water users," explained Kazem Oskoui, vice president, Technology, Synagro. "Synagro has innovated a compact, modular, multi-contaminant, single-pass system capable of producing effluent with more than 14 different purity levels to meet every wastewater and reusable water challenge. The solution we are providing purges the waste from wastewater."

The AquaPurgo system can be provided on a skid or built into a self-contained portable shipping container, the system can be deployed quickly to any site and installed in a matter of days. Installation can be either short-term or permanent depending on the requirement. Multiple units can be interconnected to treat high water volumes. The system's compact design allows placement in locations that are not suitable for conventional water treatment facilities such as residential or industrial zones.

"In August 2022, we completed a month-long, on-site pilot study employing the AquaPurgo system in which up to 99% of contaminants were removed from heavily contaminated wastewater including contaminants of emerging concern (CECs)," added Seth Degeest, director, Water Purification Business, Synagro. "These CECs included per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – PFAS, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, and even endocrine disrupters. Compared to conventional wastewater treatment technologies, the AquaPurgo technology works in a fraction of the time with a 90% smaller footprint and as much as 60% in cost savings."

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