Results of the current water study on health

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Results of the current water study on health

Summary of the results of the current water study by Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer, Quellen des Lebens

Summarized by Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer

Why does Hallstein Water have a preventive and regenerative effect?
The current water study by Kirsten Deutschländer, M.D., as part of the prevention research of the non-profit water research association "Quellen des Lebens e.V." (Sources of Life) based in Munich, Germany, confirms that good hydration with untreated, high-quality, artesian water, such as Hallstein Water, is the best and easiest prevention.

Hydration with this high-quality water helps to prevent or reduce the effects of chronic diseases. The health-promoting effects are a strengthened immune system and nervous system, as well as an improvement in hormonal regulation.

Within the scope of the study with 182 subjects, tap water from the Fürstenzell region, Bavaria, and artesian Hallstein Water from the Dachstein region, Austria, were used. The results of the study clearly emphasize that the positive results depend above all on the quality of the water, and that therefore the excellent preventive and regenerative effect of Hallstein performed significantly better.


What makes Hallstein Water so special?
Hallstein comes to the surface naturally under artesian pressure from its spring (700 ft deep), which is located in the Dachstein region in the Salzkammergut/Austria, without chemical or physical treatment. Hallstein is the only water that has the eight quality parameters for an ideal drinking water, which scientists and water experts have defined as particularly beneficial for our health. It is therefore the most high-quality and most sustainable water available on the market.

It is alkaline (ph of 8.3) and contains very high levels of dissolved oxygen (10mg/L), low sodium (0.15mg/L), nitrates (1.83mg/L) and total organic carbon (0.09mg/L), total dissolved solids (84mg/L), a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1 and a low exit temperature (5.6 °C [42 °F]).

The study by Dr. Deutschländer proves that Hallstein Water can reduce oxidative stress twice as well as comparable tap water from a water protection area.


What is my personal benefit if I drink Hallstein every day?
The results of the current water study by Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer prove the beneficial effects of untreated high-quality water, such as Hallstein, on personal health:

Hallstein strengthens the immune system and is a vital fountain of youth for the daily renewal of the organism (human body). The metabolism is activated, and the acid-alkaline equilibrium is regulated.

Untreated quality water helps with the prevention of disease, harmonizes the body and is effective for all kinds of ailments – without any risks or side effects.

You can read the full report by Dr Kirsten Deutschländer here.

By: Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Managing Director of Water of Life GmbH

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About Hallstein Water:

In the spring of 1999, the Austro-American entrepreneur Karlheinz Muhr, his wife Elisabeth and their three children Alexander, Phillip and Stephanie decided that the family would no longer drink sugary drinks such as juices and sodas. With the decision, the search began for the "ideal water" and what parameters would be required for such pure, untreated water. After establishing their eight parameters over several years with the help of a team of scientists and water experts, the Muhr family tested and drank every commercially available water and found that almost every water had been treated in some way. Therefore, with the help of hydrogeologists, they launched a global search to identify the territory in which naturally pure water can be formed, corresponding to their eight factors of "perfection".

In 2016, the Muhr family found what they were looking for in the Austrian community of Obertraun, population of 800, in the Dachstein region. The geological limestone structure in combination with the glacial displacement of the spring is a rarity worldwide. The water is quantitatively limited, since the water surfaces from great depth at the spring under its own pressure, i.e. artesian, and varies seasonally. If the water were to be pumped, up to twenty times more water could be extracted. However, this would negatively affect the quality of the water, and it would no longer be 100 percent sustainable.

Hallstein is perfected by nature: unfiltered, untreated, not heated or pumped, it is the one of the purest natural waters in the world.

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