Self-cleaning suction intake filter and filter pumps

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Self-cleaning suction intake filter and filter pumps

Rotorflush Filters Ltd  is an award-winning manufacturer of highly effective self-cleaning suction intake filters and filter pumps.  

Rotorflush Filters Ltd have developed a unique self-cleaning filter system specifically for use with analytical equipment.   

UK water companies use Rotorflush Filters’ products and expert knowledge of self-cleaning filters and filter pumps to ensure an uninterrupted filtered supply to their sensitive water monitoring equipment.  

How Rotorflush Self-Cleaning Filters Work to keep Filter Mesh Clear in Dirty Water

It is no mystery how Rotorflush self-cleaning filters work. The same self-cleaning mechanism keeps the filter mesh clear on all our products. Our submersible filter pumps with their built-in self-cleaning intakes produce a continuous backwash to the filter mesh whenever they run. Our self-cleaning filters take a backwash flow from the filtered output of your surface mounted pump to keep their mesh clear. Here’s how:

Self-cleaning Filters and Strainers

Our self-cleaning filters and strainers, whatever their size, all work on the same basic principles – from the smallest pond and analyser filters up to the largest 1000 cubic metres per hour filters.  Rotorflush filters do not rely on a separate power source or motor to drive their effective self-cleaning mechanism.

They are driven water power from your pump – that’s how Rotorflush self-cleaning filters work.

These filters are designed for the suction side of surface mounted pumps; thus, as long as the pump is running Rotorflush self-cleaning filters will keep their filter mesh clear.


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