Sewage Waste Water – Malodours | BioPhysics Reasearch

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Sewage Waste Water – Malodours | BioPhysics Reasearch

Sewage Waste Water – Malodours

In 2005, the Public Works Authority in Qatar issued a contract aiming to reduce hydrogen sulphide and other malodorous gas levels throughout a catchment area designated PS30. In addition it required:


During the period of the contract, SolEco Organic Concentrate demonstrated a progressive and overall, exceptional change for the better. The Malodours were eliminated, to the relief of both the general public and to the environment.


Dissolved Sulphides Test Result – 6th September 2006 PS30 – 1.7 ppm –  reduction of 85%

H2S Gas Test Result PS30 – 24th/25th September 2006 – 30 ppm –  reduction of 80%

Some of the information has been condensed in this article in order to provide an overview of the issues and the soluti