Veolia Marks 20 Years of Reliable & Proven  Purified Water Technology with Orion™

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Veolia Marks 20 Years of Reliable & Proven  Purified Water Technology with Orion™

Veolia Water Technologies, a leading solutions provider for both water and wastewater treatment, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Orion™, a multi-technology purified water production system for the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

Delivering high performance in a sustainable manner, the Orion is set apart with its energy and water-saving features that address today’s environmental challenges. The skid-mounted Orion systems are constructed with 99% recyclable materials, and they offer chemical-free sanitation, release up to 30% less carbon dioxide during operation, and recover up to 40% of water during the reuse cycle.

With nearly 400 units installed worldwide — of which over 50 are found in Asia Pacific, the Orion is manufactured and designed in accordance with the ISPE guidelines for water and steam, and boasts a global industry track record of providing compendial purified water through innovation and tested process excellence. The Orion systems are also fully validated and compliant with FDA, cGMP and GAMP requirements, and meet the quality standards of current US and European Pharmacopoeia for Purified Water and Cold WFI applications.

ORION Collage.png
 The evolution of the Orion™ (from left to right: models MKI, MKII, and the latest MKIII)

“Over the years, the Orion models have evolved with innovative enhancements to some of their features and options, and the range has continued to be a trusted solution for major players in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries,” said Ranj Rihal, Business Development Manager, Product and Marketing Solutions, Veolia Water Technologies. “The 20th anniversary of the Orion is a testament to the system’s reliability in meeting our customer’s diverse range of product manufacturing requirements along with their evolving sustainability requirements.”

Across the Asia Pacific region, industry-leading facilities that manufacture eye care, blood plasma, personal care, pharmaceutical packaging and delivery systems, and even veterinary drug products, have turned to the Orion for an environmentally friendly, yet efficient treatment system to achieve purified process water that meets the most stringent industry standards.

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