WaterIQ Technologies™ and Audubon International Announce New Water Sustainability Partnership

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WaterIQ Technologies™ and Audubon International Announce New Water Sustainability Partnership

WaterIQ Technologies, the leader in next-generation ultrasonic solutions to combat harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals, is proud to announce its partnership with Audubon International. Through this partnership, the parties will mutually promote algae-free water sustainability practices for communities, municipalities, and golf courses.

Audubon International is a leading  environmental sustainability organization committed to educating, empowering, and energizing its members to better manage land, water, wildlife, and other  natural resources. Its award-winning educational and certification programs help golf courses and communities protect and preserve the environment.

WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions control algae and biofilm and help restore water ecosystems to their natural states through industry-leading ultrasonic technology. The non-chemical solutions are safe and welcoming to wildlife, while being efficient and cost-effective.  

The company’s ultrasonic solutions are installed in Audubon International Certified Golf Courses such as Teton Pines Country Club in Wilson, Wyoming, Rockland Country Club in Sparkill, New York and other golf courses and resorts worldwide.

“Being environmentally conscious means more than just offering solutions, it means forming new partnerships to further our commitment to returning water to its natural state by eradicating the mounting algae and biofilm threat,” stated Lawrence Field, CEO of WaterIQ Technologies. “Audubon International is a steward of the environment and we look forward to providing tools that promote sustainable practices within local communities and water sustainability educational opportunities.”

WaterIQ Technologies combines world-class go-to-market engagement, technical expertise, innovative technology, and business processes to sustainably address the world’s growing algae crisis. The company works closely with its dealer partners to remediate dangerous algae growth in a variety of markets, including drinking water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, general agriculture, golf courses, and homeowners associations.

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