Gordon Whyte, Head of Operations at Scotmas Group Ltd

Gordon Whyte, Head of Operations at Scotmas Group Ltd


I help people and organisations to achieve and then exceed their goals. I am skilled in utilising a “leading from the front” management style for delivering operational results in fiercely competitive and fast-paced high technology-based businesses, including multinational and startup companies. I am an ideal leader to optimise operational efficiency and enhance company goals by leading proactively and mentoring professionals.

Some of my key milestones include:
- Raised over $40m for early-stage companies.
- Deployed the world's largest potable water UCV LED treatment system.
- Accelerated company progression by maintaining highly regulated and profitable manufacturing environments, targetting defence, aerospace, space, and life sciences.
- Launched innovative cybersecurity and energy management platform.
- Co-Founded a concentrated solar cell manufacturing company.
- Co-Founded semiconductor material processing startup.


Industry experience

Education: M.B.A

Seniority: VP, Exec VP, MD, Dean, General Manager, Business Unit Manager

Years of experience: 20 years or above

Work experience