Hoai Nam Tran

Hoai Nam Tran

Dear All, 

Nice to meet you.

We would like to introduce you a good hydrogen power generation system from Japan:

(1) Hydrogen power generates 5-6 times of solar for the same capacity, it operates 24 hours.

(2) By Amplifier, it can produce 5 times more than original capacity.

Input is water. Output is electricity.


And Water driven EV system The trial car runs by water successfully in Japan https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jAs1vnpIw-B6L-CPDCCDh1TcdxlX8b-6/view?usp=sharing

Are you interested in these systems and have plan to distribute or invest in  them?

Then, we will send you the info.

Thanks and best regards,

Tran Hoai Nam