Idrees Ahmad Khan, QUALITY SUPERVISOR/Senior civil QA QC Engineer/Inspector

Idrees Ahmad Khan, QUALITY SUPERVISOR/Senior civil QA QC Engineer/Inspector


Respected, dedicated, and enthusiastic professional with over 20 years of experience, working in an international firm saudi Aramco as inspection representative civil PID . Extensive experience managing projects from initiation stage to completion. Highly skilled in  geological,geophysical mapping,of projects,soil investigation,drilling,blasting,borehole logging,subsurface mapping,identification and classification of rocks,petrographical study of rocks,tunneling,geotechnical report writing,proof reading,publishing of report,asphalt paving,concrete pouring of heavy structures,focus on project quality deliverable items always track on details, maintaining deadlines while producing high quality deliverables. Managed and supervised multidisciplinary project teams on multi-projects with excellent skills in liaising with stakeholders; . Transparency, full coordination and cooperation of all involved parties are my first priority to efficiently achieve the goal and identify new service delivery opportunities.
Proven ability review the project proposals,e- design review ,Quality Documents review and approvals,capacity building programmes and deliver training courses on:
 Project Management including defining the Goals and Life Cycle of the Project, Project Management Constraints, Roles and Responsibilities of the Project  Manager and the team, Creating a Project Plan, Measuring, Managing and Maintaining Progress, and Completing the Project;   Research Skills and Methods;   Integrated Water Resources Management;   Management of Transboundary Water Resources;   Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources;    Dam Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans; Review and approvals of vendors  pre Qualifications,Inspection of vendor batch plants (concrete,Asphalt),Inspection ,approvals of plant setup, handy craft in full testing of material testing of soil,aggregates,concrete,bitumineous materials,cement,steel,woods,,inspection and approvals of rawmaterials sorces,expert in Selection and approvals of best quality materials,stockpiles,storage of raw materials,testing of rawmaterials and monitoring of quality product as per design,
Have a proven track record of  evalvation of contractor,subcontractors,third party testing agency,concrete,asphalt vendors,Precast factories,,inspection and monitoring,approvals of factory final product as per design,auditing the process,publishing reports,provide the oppotunities of improvenets,involve in preperation of PQI,PQD,KPI,IAI,MIS reports,encourage and introduce a culture of repoting incident,near miss,lesson learnt,quality bullitons,daily,weekly,monthly highlights of projects,always  try  to share the knowledge to others to prevent from rework.


Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above

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