Mahmood Tabatabaei, Technical Manager at Pich Ab

Mahmood Tabatabaei, Technical Manager at Pich Ab


Mashhad, Iran



PHD Student at Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran, (2021)

MS in Environmental Health Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran. (1997)                                                                                                                          

BS in Environmental Health Engineering, Isfahan Medical Science University, Isfahan, Iran. (1993)

Activities honors:

-Iran Ministry of health scholarship for MS. Degree

-Member of Iranian Association of Environmental Health (since 1998).

-Member of Iranian Association of Water. & Wastewater Experts (since 1998).

-Member of Iranian Rainwater Catchment Systems Association  (since 2013).

-Member of “Water saviors population” NGO (since 2014).

Research Experience:

-Project Executive, Khorasan Regional Water Authority- “Evaluation of best method for taste, odor and color removal from Toroq dam water for drinking use”.(1999)

- Partner Expert, The Solid waste management organization of Mashhad Municipality, Survey for best solutions to reduce odors in landfills and compost plant in Mashhad”.

Teaching Experience:

Lecturer at University of Applied Science and Technology , courses:

Principles of Environmental Protection - Water and Wastewater Treatment - Environmental impact assessment - Solid waste management - recycling industrial waste - energy recovery from waste -

Professional experience:

1-Job title: Senior Engineer

a)Sarvab Consulting Engineers co(

-Survey for Sources of water pollution Toroq , Golestan and Kardeh dams

-Environmental impact assessment of  alternative  Mashhad wastewater projects

- Master plan for long term water supply in Mashhad

-Detailed design of  Drinking water treatment system for Tabas city

-Feasibility studies for Mashhad water supply via exchanging treated wastewater with fresh water used for irrigation.

-Study of Mashhad Landscape Water supply with treated wastewater wastewater

-Upgrading wastewater treatment plant (Sabzevar City)


B) Kavoshpey Consulting Engineers Co (


-Environmental impact assessment of Farrokhi Ghaen dam.

-Environmental impact assessment Golestan dam Mashhad

-Environmental impact assessment of Abkuzeh Neyshabur dam.


C) Toosab Consulting Engineers Co: (


-Environmental impact assessment of the Bar dam Neyshabur

- Environmental Impact Assessment of the of the Khairabad Dam (Behbahan)

-Environmental impact assessment of irrigation network at Doosti dam.

-Environmental impact assessment of irrigation and drainage network at Bahouklat

- Environmental Impact Assessment Songun Copper Mine Project

-Environmental Assessment Water of Master Plan of Kabul Basin (Afghanistan)

-Environmental impact assessment of the dam Drungar Dargaz

-The first stage of the transfer of water from the Doosti dam to Mashhad.


D) Abpooy Consulting Engineers Co:

-Environmental impact assessment of Zanganlu dams and tunnels

-Environmental risk assessment of Zarmehr gold mine and factory


E) Hydrotech Consulting Engineers Co: (


-Study of Septage management plan for Mashhad city.

- Study of Septage management plan for Bojnord city.


-Environmental studies emerald carpet dyeing units (Mashhad)

-Upgrade the wastewater treatment industrial city Charmshahr Mashhad

- Wastewater treatment plant design study for Birjand Slaughterhouse

-Environmental Impact Assessment industrial city of Birjand 2

-Environmental Impact Assessment industrial city of Sahand (Tabriz 4)

-Environmental impact assessment of Sumbar dam

-Environmental impact assessment of Chendir dam

-Environmental impact assessment of Amand dam


H) Mahab Samen Consulting Engineers Co:www. mahabsamen .com


- Wastewater treatment of Kalate Kheij complexes 

-Supervision of Wastewater Treatment Plant at  Khayyam Industrial city.


I) Sazab Shargh Consulting Engineers Co:www. sazab


-Study and design of potable water network at Golmakan City

-Study and design of potable water network at Shusf City

- Study and design of Rural Water Supply at Jarglan and Raz complex.

- Study and design of Rural Water Supply at Chasarka complex

-Environmental Studies desalination equipments of Iran

- Study and design of storm water network at industrial city of Sari


2-Job title: Executive project manager:


A) Pazhabtadbir Consulting Engineers:

-Industrial wastewater treatment plant design and construction:

             Chipboard Dome, Gonbad Qabus.

             Majd, meat products, Golestan

             Mansur, Ice cream making

             Pirooze Spare part production phosphate effluent

             Naqshin Yazd, textile dying

             Taba pooshesh, electroplating and galvanization plant

             Shariati power plant (Mashhad), chemical waste disposal

             Electrode Reza, welding electrode production.

             Bashir, milk industry

             Dina (Chitoz), potato chips production

             Dina Toos, Snack production

             Parvar Powder, milk and whey powder production

             Shiravran, process cheese production

             Nooshin shahryar, milk industry

             Kamalan, tomato paste production

             Khorasan Mahvand, tomato paste production

             Kamyab, chocolate production

             Bazyafte Sabz, PET recycles

             Azin Chashni, fruite paste production

             Golshad, milk and whey powder production

             Shahriarkam, Cake and production

             Nader, herbal extract production

             Tatli Arvin Toos, plum fruit recipe production

             Fravarlastyk Isatis, Used tire rubber recycle

             Kelar Sanaat, metal finishing line

             Simorgh, Cake and production

             HeramTalaii, milk industry


-Sewage treatment plant design and construction:

             Faizabad Hospital

             Phalsafi Hospital

             Roshtkhar Hospital

             Vakil Abad Park

             Chini Roze

             Mashhad Ardehal

             Petro Pasargadae


- Design and construction of Water Purifier (RO) plant:


             Zamani, herbal extract production

             Bashir, milk industry

             Faridnia, milk industry

             Pars Shoaa, Fluorescent lamp production

             Amertejart Corp, bottled water production

             Nooshin Shahriyar, milk industry

             Abadgardan Jandagh, brick production

             Atrak, milk industry


3- supervisor  of  Mashhad 4th municipal wastewater treatment plant process stat up.

Design capacity : 80000 m3/day

Process name : MLE

Influent COD: 700-1200 mg/lit

Effluent COD : <20 mg/lit


Industry experience

Education: PhD

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 20 years or above

Work experience