Sandra Lagauzere, Research scientist & Business Developer at MICROBIA ENVIRONNEMENT

Sandra Lagauzere, Research scientist & Business Developer at MICROBIA ENVIRONNEMENTGraduated in biology and environmental sciences from the University of Marseille in France, I worked for 10 years as an academic researcher in different French and German institutes (IRSN, UFZ, Max-Planck Institute, University of Cologne). In 2014, I joined Lipocalyx GmbH, a German biotech company developing transfection and drug delivery systems for biology/biomedical research, still a start-up at this time. Until its acquisition by BioNTech in January 2020, I have been involved in scientific communication around the Viromer® branded transfection reagents, technical support and other customer-oriented services. I have been notably responsible for the development of new reagents facing challenges and state-of-the-art molecular biology methods such as the CRISPR tool.
By today, I am responsible for the international business development of Microbia Environnement, a French biotech company offering novel molecular tools to detect early contamination of environmental waters by toxicogenic microalgae and cyanobacteria causing harmful algal blooms.