William Porter

Hi. I am a water Imagineer, so to speak.  For decades I have been thinking and learning and imagining about all things Water from time to time.  It started with Culligan and Arrowhead water etc. Then reading about filtration units. Reverse osmosis. Granular activated carbon. Countertop Units. Under the counter units. Gravity filtration units like the Aqua Rain unit.  I’ve been using gravity filtration for 22 years for my own personal daily point of use method.   Reading learning about storage water and storage containers for emergency use - I currently use Water Bricks for my storage water.  In the late 70s I watched California go from severe drought to every Reservoir and Lake totally Full! In one season 1977/1978 after massive rains.  When I moved to southern Utah and then to southern Nevada, I learned and observed and read about all the water sources and water usage and water quality.  Green River. Virgin River. Colorado River. Lake Powell. Lake Mead. California aqueduct. Colorado aqueduct.  Owens Lake. Massive amounts of moisture and water in the Flagstaff Arizona area. Oak Creek in Sedona. Etc.  When I first learned Lake Mead was receding, I imagined a desalinization plant near Long Beach with 270 mile water pipe line to Lake Mead and just fill the lake! Just fill the lake I thought. It’s easy to imagine of course and lots of engineering and financial difficulty and obstructions to actually get it done.  But it is possible even though improbable. I can’t be alone in thinking this. Further, why aren’t there desalinization plants up and down the entire west coast where water quantity and water quality is severely lacking. I know they are $100 million plus plants but 40 million Californians and 4 million Nevadans and 6 million Arizonans could find a way to pay two dollars a day, or whatever it would be, to supply all the water we ever wanted in the south west.  You can see I dream. But isn’t dreaming where it all starts heading toward the reality eventually?!   In the past two years, I have learned about atmospheric water generation. I’ve watched 10, 20 different YouTube videos on atmospheric water generation from very small amounts to larger amounts. I’ve watched all the WaterGen videos.  i’ve started to dream of extremely large quantities of water made from the atmosphere.  Quantities large enough to transform everyone’s thinking and planning about water. Quantities large enough to solve the problem of lack of water and drought forever! Atmospheric water generation units that are mobile as well going to every neighborhood, community, town, county, state, region, aquifers, reservoirs, lakes and filling them all. Is that possible? Yes. And I am now working on methods for it. With a dream in my soul and in my heart, with good thinking, with divine aid, with good associations and partners, we are working on it.  Well I could be wrong, I do not think I am… I am stating this in advance of its manifestation: drought and the lack of water and the impurity of water which causes so many problems and diseases etc., is over! Repeat… It’s over!  Solving this problem will uplift the lives of billions of humans on earth now and forever.  Now I will get busy continually and we will bring it into the world for the benefit of all.  
W Porter, 3 Sep 2021