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The global Antiscalant Market was worth USD 2.26 Billion in 2014 and is projected to register a CAGR of 4.73% between 2015 and 2020. The market for antiscalants is growing steadily and the trend is projected to continue in the next five years. The demand for antiscalants is high as it saves cost and time through reduced maintenance and operational holdups. Wide scale developments in the oil & gas, power & construction, mining, and desalination industries in emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and even in the African countries has led to the high demand of antiscalants.

Water & wastewater treatment is the fastest-growing segment in the global antiscalant market. Antiscalants are highly preferred for water & wastewater treatment application. The growing demand from core industries such as power, mining, and oil & gas are the key factors contributing to the high growth rate of the antiscalant market.

The market for sulfonates type is projected to register the highest growth rate. The growth in the use of antiscalants is due to increase in the oil & gas activities such as oil production and shale gas recovery. This growth is expected to increase in future due to the new discoveries of proven reserves of oil fields.