Respected team,Greetings from Far-west Nepal,I would like to inform all of you that; due to the effect of Global warming mostly hilly area of Ac...

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Respected team,
Greetings from Far-west Nepal,

I would like to inform all of you that; due to the effect of Global warming mostly hilly area of Achham District (Farwest Province, Nepal) has been facing the problem of water scarcity, and the weather season also changes year by year. People are facing problems with safe drinking water and irrigation.

Due to lacking adequate water, most people are migrating day to day in the urban areas of the Tarai region. Various areas of agricultural land have been barren, and this type of situation can create food crises in the future, it is such a huge issue at present.

Thus, if possible we should work on water source management. All we know is that Nepal is a Himalayan Country and Nepal has been introducing itself for its natural beauty. We can take various types of aromas in different seasons like spring, summer, rainy, autumn and winter in Nepal.

However, nature is changing its routes due to the effect of climate change. Nowadays mostly hilly people are facing the problem of natural disasters like; drought, floods, landslides, storms, hailstone, forest firing, etc. But if we have innovative ideas and technologies to collect seasonable running water. As well as we can supply the required water to people for drinking and irrigating. During the rainy season, various water springs appear in the hilly areas of Nepal and the mostly seasonable water sources are flows till the ends end of December. Thus, if we can collect the flowing water in the reservoir water tanks in the required area.

We could solve the problem of water scarcity in the summer season. Thus, I would like to request with the water world team, If possible please start to work also in Achham District to manage the water resource in the feasible area of different rural. Again, I would like to express my commitment to my organization will be ready to provide the required support.

Looking forward to your kind feedback. Thank you.
Him Bdr. Vishwakarma (Chairperson)
Malika Development Organization- Nepal, Achham Nepal.