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The Water & Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market was valued at USD 23,200.2 million in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 33,224.8 million by 2022, at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2017 to 2022. The increased demand for water & wastewater treatment equipment in the municipal & industrial applications is expected to drive the growth of the water and wastewater treatment equipment market during the forecast period.

Market Dynamics
+ Driver: Water scarcity/Lack of freshwater resources
According to the United Nations scarcity of water has an appalling effect on the global water consumption. Nearly 1.2 billion people i.e., around one-fifth of the global population is living in such parts of the world which has physical water scarcity, and other drinking water related issues.

+ Restraint: High installation, equipment and operations costs
Although there are many advantages of water treatment, the installation of water & wastewater treatment equipments is expensive. The high cost of equipment and its operation act as restraining factor in the water treatment equipment market.

+ Opportunity: Growing demand in for energy efficient advanced water treatment technologies
The present worldwide energy issues arise not only from depleting conventional energy reserves, but also from their environmental effects which arise from their withdrawal, treatment, related emissions, waste disposal and recycling.

+ Challenge: Aging Infrastructure
The challenge of aging infrastructure is mostly faced by developed countries. These countries built water treatment infrastructure decades ago and still use these old systems. Huge investments are needed in reinstalling and upgrading these old infrastructures.