Water ​Purification Technology Inspired by a ​Nobel Prize ​Winning ​Discovery

Water ​Purification Technology Inspired by a ​Nobel Prize ​Winning ​Discovery

By combining the Aquaporin protein with artificial membranes, Aquaporinn has developed innovative new forward osmosis and tap water reverse osmosis water purifiers that save energy and deliver high-quality water.

The innovation is actually nature’s innovation. A protein – the aquaporin water channel – that filtrates water 100 percent selectively and extremely efficiently.

This molecule filtrates water in all living cells; it filtrates water in your body, as we speak. It filtrates water through the roots of trees, up 30 metres to the top of the tree. And in all living cells you have this aquaporin water channel. Without that there wouldn’t be life on Earth.

aquaporin_logo_250x250.pngAquaporin has then taken this protein from nature, and produced it, and purified it, and then incorporated it into a more artificial membrane that is industrially scalable and robust. But the core component is nature’s own. 

The Nobel laureate Peter Agre got the Nobel Prize for the discovery and inspired Aquaporin to start working on a technology that focuses on reusing nature’s own way of filtrating water. 


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