080 Pinks and Blues: Filming Amines - Scaling UP! H2O

080 Pinks and Blues: Filming Amines - Scaling UP! H2O

Last year I had the pleasure of speaking at the  AWT Conference in Orlando, Florida . I thought the information I shared during the conference would make a good show. For your sake, I hope I’m right. 

As I am sure you know by now, I love to trust but I insist on verification. For example, when someone told me about using the  SperiPen  for phosphate digestions, I did and experiment to verify the information I received. You can hear all about what I did with this on  Episode 47 . So, using the same methodology, I decided to test the information I was receiving about Filming Amines in the same style. 

Water treaters never have a problem giving their opinion on what they think of something. Just ask one! However, I do think we have an issue with explaining why we have such an opinion. Especially when it comes to giving enough information for others to make decisions based on such an opinion. Nation! It is my goal to get you to think on this show! My commitment to you is that I will get you started, but you then need to take that information and verify it for yourself. 

Enjoy the “podcast version” of my AWT presentation on Filming Amines. 


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