107 Day 4 Of Industrial Water Week (Wastewater) - Scaling UP! H2O

107 Day 4 Of Industrial Water Week (Wastewater) - Scaling UP! H2O

Industrial Water Week, Day 4: Wastewater   

It’s a dirty job, but someone must do it. That someone is us, the Industrial Water Treater.  

Today we are celebrating Wastewater Thursday. Wastewater is all about taking something out of our discharge water that came from our process. Most municipal plants require that the water they receive has a minimum water quality so that it will not harm their biological population. It’s all about the “bugs.”   

A few months back we did 2 shows devoted to wastewater with our guest, Kevin Kope- episodes 78 and 79. Many water treaters have told me what a helpful resource these shows are. Feel free to incorporate re-listening to them during your celebration today.   

In the meantime, we are back at the AWT convention so you can hear from your fellow Scaling UP! Nation Members.  

Key Points From This Episode:  


A tip from Mark Lewis, CWT, “Whatever you do, don’t just run a test and say that’s the number because that’s what the test is telling me. Trust but verify. Know why you are running the test and then know what the test is telling you.”    @traceblackmore  #scalinguph2o # scalingup  # scalinguppodcast  # scalingupnation  # IndustrialWaterWeek  #WastewaterThursday  #AWT #CWT #ScalingUPto100andbeyond  

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