129 The One That Helps You with Sales Presentations - Scaling UP! H2O

129 The One That Helps You with Sales Presentations - Scaling UP! H2O

Nation! a water treater must wear many hats. You have to be fluent in plumbing, electricity, chemistry, physics, and even psychology, to name a few. Our job never gets boring. We are always learning and taking on new challenges. One of the duties that I didn’t mention in the list above was sales. It doesn’t matter what you are doing in your job; you are always selling something. It could be your service, yourself, or even the actual account. To be successful in water treatment, we must all sell.  

Our guest today is  Bryan Gray . Bryan teaches others how to sell more effectively by using the psychology we know about the brain. He also addresses why we need to be concise with our sales messages to navigate through a multi-person decision. Today, it seems that with the internet, everyone is an expert. So, Bryan helps us understand how to address that and how to use that to our advantage. The key questions we must answer for potential clients are,  “Why you?” and Why now?” . Bryan Gray and his team at the  Revenue Path Group  offer a  free e-book called Sales is Broken: Surviving & thriving through the tectonic shift in the Age of Acceleration . It will provide more information as you dig deeper into this subject.  

I’m sure you will get some great ideas from today’s episode. 

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