13 million people were impacted by water projects designed with Transcend software in 2021

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13 million people  were impacted by water projects designed with Transcend software in 2021

Did you know...

Based on designs generated with Transcend software in 2021, we impacted 8,063,000 m3/d or 2130 MGD worth of water projects throughout 48 countries!
This is equivalent to 3,225 Olympics swimming pools.

Top wastewater technology designs

The majority of designs through the tool are MBRs that produce effluent that is suitable for reuse. Companies and municipalities that need to treat wastewater for disposal or reuse were able to choose from a number of aeration procedures. Although MBBR is presently the lowest percentage of technology being used of the design options, it allows individuals to successfully treat wastewater for organic pollutants, perform nitrification and denitrification, and do so with exceptional efficiency.

Milestones Of The Year

User Interface Design run updates

We overhauled our user interface to make it easier to run designs. Some of these include additional data validations, process units, adding guidelines for typical influent & effluent characteristics, and many more !

google map tool marking exact site locations for influent and effluent

We added a Google map tool to mark site boundaries for exact site marking on brownfield and upgrade projects. This guarantees design outputs match specific site constraints, as well as the ability to indicate influent and effluent locations on sites.

wastewater treatment plant upgrades

We introduced the ability to upgrade existing wastewater treatment plants including the repurposing of specific assets . For those who have been with us since the beginning, our tool could only be used for new wastewater treatment plants when it originally came out (greenfields). The upgrade capability was the most commonly requested feature in 2021, and we were happy to deliver it for you.

advance sustainable water

We raised $10 million to advance sustainable water and infrastructure engineering design. Improving the world's sanitation systems as the water treatment facilities struggle to satisfy ever-increasing regulatory restrictions and implement more sustainable treatment solutions. 

water unit converter

As water engineers, we understand how difficult it may be to work on projects that use several units, such as imperial to metric or metric to imperial conversions. We launched a new water unit conversion tool to help engineers and water industry professionals to quickly convert project units – be it metric to imperial and many others!

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Transcend Design Generator selected for Builtworks Top 50 Infrastructure Leader

Transcend has been selected on BuiltWorlds 2021 Infrastructure Tech 50 List!! This list features the leading companies offering cutting-edge infrastructure technology.