#166: Funding To Fight Lead: The Menu Of Options

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#166: Funding To Fight Lead: The Menu Of Options
This episode is part of a series, Funding To Fight Lead. 

There are perhaps 10 million lead service lines in the ground in the U.S. and it may cost $50 billion to remove them. The series explores financing lead service line replacement, technical assistance for under-resourced communities, and examples of successful approaches.

This episode is about the menu of options.

The ways to fund lead service line replacement and some of the key financial aspects are discussed in this episode with Cynthia Koehler of the WaterNow Alliance and Tim Male of the Environmental Policy Innovation Center. 

Cynthia and Tim talk about the $15 billion for lead pipe removal from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the use of municipal bonds to fund work on private property, the role of state and local policies, and help for communities in need.

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