#189: Fighting For Fairness In San Joaquin Valley

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#189: Fighting For Fairness In San Joaquin Valley

There are one million people in California without safe drinking water and many of them live in the San Joaquin Valley, a region dominated by agriculture.

Many residents, particularly low-income, Latino farmworkers in rural communities, face the harsh reality of dry wells or contaminated water sources due to the excessive water consumption and pollution caused by the agricultural industry. 

But there are organizations fighting for fairness in water access, as discussed in this episode with Susana De Anda of Community Water Center, Linda Gutierrez of the Yettum-Seville Community Services District, and Jessi Snyder of Self-Help Enterprises. 

They talk about the basic assistance of providing emergency tanks, delivering water, and drilling wells for homes. They also explain efforts to unite tiny utilities, build networks of community leaders, assist towns with operations, and raise the voice of those in need.

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