2022 Annual Report

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2022 Annual Report

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As I look back at the last year and our accomplishments, I am struck by those beyond our doors who have made so much of our work possible. And perhaps this is our greatest accomplishment of all: that we have delivered our science in service of others.

Together with our partners, volunteers, and supporters like you, we have fostered stewardship of clean fresh water for this generation and the ones that follow.

As we continue our scientific research on how to best protect the streams and rivers that sustain life on Earth, we invest even more in our work with the people and institutions who put our discoveries into action. In this annual report, we honor those relationships by shining a light on just a few of our heroes.

ANNUAL REPORT 2022 | STROUD WATER RESEARCH CENTER 1 “ Let us be good stewards of the earth we inherited from our parents. And let us preserve it for our children, and their children after them.” — KOFI ANNAN, FORMER SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS what you can do To learn about our latest work and to share it with others, sign up for our newsletter at stroudcenter.org/subscribe and follow us on social media.

MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Executive Director, President, and Research Scientist