Advanced Oxidation Process for Cooling-Tower Water (Case Study)

Advanced Oxidation Process for Cooling-Tower Water (Case Study)

The General Services Administration (GSA), The Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is recommending Silver Bullet Water Treatment solution for cooling towers be deployed throughout the roster of buildings owned and managed by the US federal government.  

GSA, DOE and NREL found that Silver Bullet's professionally designed and engineered Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) technology met all the predetermined success criteria for water savings, reduction in chemical costs, water chemistry, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation. GSA, DOE and NREL conclude that the simplicity of the technology, ease of installation, reduction in on-site chemical usage benefit and resource savings make Silver Bullet an excellent option for deployment into appropriate US government buildings.

Silver Bullet AOP solution installed at GSA Denver Federal Center's Building 95

GSA, DOE and NREL recently released the evaluation of the success of Silver Bullet's cooling tower water treatment in the report titled, Demonstration and Evaluation of an Advanced Oxidation Technology for Cooling Tower Water Treatment. This report is the culmination of a 4-year GSA Green Proving Ground (GPG) "alternative water treatment" (AWT) evaluation program.

Silver Bullet and competing AWTs were installed and tested at Denver Federal Center's (DFC) Building 95, a 163,206 square foot, two story office/laboratory building that was constructed in 1999. The major tenant is the US Department of Interior.  In 2014, Building 95 had installed a non-chemical AWT system that was plagued by algae growth, despite additional biocides. The system was decommissioned, and the O&M had reverted to traditional chemical treatment.  Following the failure of the previous AWT, the Silver Bullet AOP system was installed and an evaluation period commenced.

"Silver Bullet is proud of the extremely positive evaluation that our water treatment technology and solution has been recommended for deployment by the federal government's top engineers, scientists, economists and consultants," said Brad Walsh, Silver Bullet's CEO. "The report helps inform the public, government decision-makers and building operators of the incredible benefits Silver Bullet's experts and technology has on water savings, energy savings, budgets and the mitigation of chemical usage in cooling tower management."

GSA, DOE and NREL reported the following key benefits Silver Bullet's AOP had on Building 95:

Attached below is the GSA's full report on above-mentioned "alternative water treatment" evaluation program.

Case Study source: GSA

News source: PR News WIre