AI water treatment system

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AI water treatment system

Award-winning Taiwan Tech Start-up ELECLEAN CO., LTD launches new AI water treatment system at the World's Biggest Tech Show
TAIPEI, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwanese company ELECLEAN CO. is launching its versatile "electro-oxidation" water treatment system known as ELECLEAN Water at CES 2022. This system is targeted for daily water usage, and the medical and semiconductor industry. The new system has been slated to receive the 2022 CES Innovation Award for sustainability, eco-design and smart energy. ELECLEAN CO., LTD will be showcasing its technology at 2022 CES

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"New Life, New Appliance" and will continue to apply its innovative and green electrotechnology as it develops more efficacious solutions to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. Presently, the company's innovative products have been included in a COVID-19 technology access pool created by the World Health Organization's Regional Office for Africa to share intellectual property and data. Apart from ELECLEAN Water, the company has developed the ELECLEAN Home Appliance and Field series," says Chien-Hung Chen, CEO of ELECLEAN CO., LTD.

Technology to provide a safer environment

ELECLEAN Co., Ltd utilizes technology that transforms water into reactive oxygen species (ROS) which as the name suggests, are highly reactive chemicals derived from oxygen. It can purify water at home, and even meet the stringent demands of the medical and semiconductor industries.  

Despite their importance in cell signalling, ROS are notorious for being the by-products of regular oxygen metabolism, causing damage to lipids, DNA, RNA, and proteins. This effect is partially responsible for ageing. There must be a balance between ROS and antioxidants in the body because the damaging effect of a pro-oxidative state can lead to numerous health conditions such as ischaemia, diabetes, cervical cancer, alcoholic liver disease, and emphysema.

Taking after this phenomenon of the body, ELECLEAN CO., LTD has harnessed the destructive quality of ROS in ELECLEAN Water, which transforms water into hydrogen peroxide, and hydroxyl and superoxide radicals using electrochemical technology with nano-catalyst. Subsequently, these ROS are incorporated into filtration membranes employed during water purification to achieve anti-fouling and sterilization by effectively oxidizing bacteria and viruses, destroying them. This reaction prompts ROS conversion back to water and is thus non-toxic and extremely safe.

AI technology applied to prevent human errors

At the start of the purification process, raw water goes through sand filtration to remove larger particles before organic matter is adsorbed by activated carbon. The ELECLEAN reactor module, controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), then uses this water to produce ROS while also enhancing UV disinfection efficiency by Fenton-like reaction.Smaller pollutants such as bacteria are filtered by the ultra-filtration (UF) membrane. User inexperience and mishandling are no longer issues as any adjustments or maintenance needed are automatically decided by predictive AI. 

The water system also uses ROS to perform self-cleaning. Doing so extends the lifespan of the water purification system's components and the unit as a whole. Because water is the single reagent required by ELECLEAN Water, no harmful preservatives are generated from the water purification process. Compared with conventional water purification systems, ELECLEAN Water boasts an increased purified water production capacity and is sleek in appearance.