Aiimi teams up with UK Water Partnership for water management

Aiimi teams up with UK Water Partnership for water management

Data and information management provider Aiimi has teamed up with the UK Water Partnership to help boost transformative change in the UK water industry.

Under this collaboration, the two entities will work together to address major water management challenges.

Majority of Aiimi’s work will align with the Partnership’s Digital Water initiative, which intends to boost digital innovation throughout the water industry.

This covers all aspects of the water ecosystem, including resource management and treatment technology, flood resilience, operations management and resource recovery.

Aiimi will leverage its past experience in working with several UK water companies, covering both technology and consulting aspects, to help Partnership in its ongoing efforts.

Aiimi CEO Steve Salvin said: “We are honoured to become a part of the UK Water Partnership and its Digital Water initiative, building on the previous experience we’ve had working with water companies across the country. Water is an area where we see not just a number of opportunities to grow our business, but also an area where organisations can have a positive, tangible impact on the lives of millions of people.

“Recent months have seen environmental responsibility come to occupy a more powerful position in the global psyche than ever before. The provision, management and maintenance of water systems is central to achieving long-term sustainability, and this is where going digital and learning how best to leverage the potential of data will be hugely beneficial.”

Aiimi will bring on board its Digital Twin expertise into the UK Water Partnership. It will make use of this expertise to develop new approaches that offer a way to “revolutionise the way the water industry is operated.”

This approach involves making use of digital technologies to develop virtual models of processes or products, besides understanding the people and processes required to make a Digital Twin strategy successful.

UK Water Partnership director Chris Newsome said: “The future of the water industry is entirely dependent on its ability to evolve and become more efficient, especially given the ever-increasing demand for water globally. Becoming digital and more data-driven is key here, but there’s still plenty more that needs to be done to achieve this. This is why welcoming Aiimi to the UK Water Partnership represents a great move, as it will help to bring the added expertise and leadership needed to take water to the next level of its digital evolution.”

Salvin concluded: “We’re eagerly anticipating starting our work with the UK Water Partnership, and hope our input will be instrumental in transforming the water industry for the better.”

As its first involvement with the Partnership, Aiimi will contribute to its upcoming Digital Water white paper, which will provide several recommendations to aid the water industry leverage on the opportunities that digital offers. This white paper will be published in February 2020.