Alleviating Drought: AquaterreX Locates Deep Seated Fresh Water in Texas

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Alleviating Drought: AquaterreX Locates Deep Seated Fresh Water in Texas

New Deep Seated Freshwater Source Discovered in Hidden Aquifer by the AquaterreX Team Using a Unique Combination of Advanced Technologies.

Valencia, CA September 26, 2022. As the U.S. Southwest grapples with drought and water contamination, AquaterreX, in partnership with non-profit Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, located Deep Seated fresh water for a farm near the birthplace of the State of Texas in Washington County. Using a unique combination of advanced technology, the team located an undetected freshwater aquifer that yielded a well producing more than 400 gallons per minute.

Pollutants and agricultural run-off have been detected in waters throughout the region. Groundwater from nearby aquifers is being excessively overdrawn, diminishing supply in rural areas andAquaterreX-Texas-farm-Case-Study-Land transported to larger cities. One case in point was a 150-mile pipeline constructed to supply the city of San Antonio, Texas.

This impacts the natural course of groundwater and surface water – dependent ecosystems in the region –reducing water supplies for rural residents and farmers. Soil degradation is also indicative of unsustainable water and land management practices. Desertification is likewise a major environmental situation across Texas and the Southwest.

A unique combination of satellite data, proprietary software algorithms, and on-the-ground instrumentation enable AquaterreX to locate fresh groundwater with near-100% accuracy and extract it economically. The company’s theme is, “We find water where others say there is none.”

AquaterreX Chairman and CEO, James D’Arezzo, said, “The entire Southwest is dealing with historic drought. Our capabilities are helping to alleviate the drought problem by identifying supplemental sources of fresh water.” Read more about the Texas results in the Texas farm case study.

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