AQUA4D: Achieving a Quadruple Bottom Line for Smart Irrigation

AQUA4D: Achieving a Quadruple Bottom Line for Smart Irrigation

Each year, the month of July is the Irrigation Association‘s showcase for the best solutions and best practices that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. This “Smart Irrigation Month”, we shine a light on what we do at AQUA4D® to not only combat water scarcity but also create shared value for people and the planet. 

For many years, the model of the Triple Bottom Line was used to determine the profitability of a company beyond just financial returns, taking into account the environmental and social implications of their actions. Increasingly, however, it is argued that this model is not far-reaching enough and that organizations should also have a strong sense of direction that drives them forward. In short, there was a crucial “P” missing from the famous 3Ps: Purpose. As observed recently by, many companies forget to ask “Why am I doing this in the first place?”

To this end, we at AQUA4D want to reflect on the social, economic, and environmental benefits of our water-smart irrigation technology, and our guiding purpose: enabling sustainable transitions, resource conservation and land restoration through our innovation.

In doing so, we are showing others that it’s possible to successfully pursue a new Quadruple Bottom Line for irrigated agriculture.