AquiSense Technologies Announces New UV Research Tools

AquiSense Technologies Announces New UV Research Tools

Erlanger, KY (February 20th, 2019): AquiSense Technologies is proud to announce the PearlLab™ product line, the latest in ultraviolet (UV) research products offering advanced tools for the future of scientific studies.

PearlLab Family Graphic.jpg
Image provided by AquiSense Technologies 

Adding on to the existing PearlLab Beam™ product, which is used to determine UV Dose-response data, AquiSense has launched three new products to assist researchers. The PearlLab Micro™ is a flow-through or batch operation tool with interchangeable UV wavelengths on a convenient USB pluggable format. The PearlLab ThinFilm™ is designed for disinfection for low UV Transmittance (UVT) or high UV Dose applications. The PearlLab Plasma™ enables research below 230 nanometers without the use of mercury vapor lamps. 

The new PearlLab product line offers researchers access to the latest in UV-C LED and plasma lamp technology. “UV LED technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and these tools allow researchers to develop applications in fields previously thought impenetrable for UV technology,” said AquiSense CTO, Jennifer Pagan. Learn more about each of these tools HERE.

Source:  AquiSense Technologies