Artificial Intelligence on Water Resources- IHE Delft

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Artificial Intelligence on Water Resources- IHE Delft

This introduction is given by Dr. Gerald Corzo Perez, Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics at IHE Delft. In recent years the increase of machine learning applications to water resources have allowed us to propose new solutions to complex problems. IHE Delft Alumni from that have graduated within the Hydroinformatics specialization, have explored new areas that in many cases have led to implementations at different places in the world, and have shown to be able to compete with ongoing traditional solutions.

This seminar will cover some of the most recent ideas of applications of machine learning in Hydroinformatics. These presentations will be divided into two sessions that will cover forecasting problems.

An introduction in both sessions to a variety of machine learning basic concepts will be given to introduce the topics, limitations and a friendly way to see the theory. The first seminar focused on how to understand the problem of forecasting and how machine learning has been applied to increase accuracy, understand uncertainty and provide extended lead times.

About the speaker Dr Ir Gerald A. Corzo has extensive experience in modelling water resources using advanced ICT technology. Since the last four year he has been working on the use of global hydrological models ensembles and their uncertainty for climate change analysis. In 2012 he won the Tison award as a young scientist from the IAHR association. His work covers extreme natural events like the research in forecasting and analyzing flood and drought by the development of hydroinformatics technologies. In general, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Pattern Recognition have been applied in his thesis to solve problems in the water resources area. He has worked on different international institutions like Wageningen University in the Netherlands and the Technologic of Monterrey in Mexico. He has coordinated the statistics of the Climate change inventory of adaptation and mitigation actions for Latin-America, presented at the WWF in 2012. He is the chair of the session in Geo-statistics at the EGU conference and reviewer of multiple journals like the Environmental Software and Modelling, the Journal of Hydrology and the Hydrology and Earth System Science, and some conferences like international joint conference in Neural Computation (IJCNN - IEEE).

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