Avocado Precision Irrigation Boosts Water Efficiency and Productivity

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Avocado Precision Irrigation Boosts Water Efficiency and Productivity


‣ Large-scale trial of Precision Irrigation technology in avocado cultivation concludes first phase

‣ Significant boosts in water efficiency, production quality, and the management of harmful minerals

‣ Overseen and supported by the Chilean Avocado Committee and scientists from INACAP University

‣ Profound implications for the ongoing sustainable cultivation of avocados in Chile and other water-stressed regions

Innovative water treatment

AQUA4D® Precision Irrigation technology, based in Switzerland and with new branches in California and Chile, dramatically improves water infiltration into soil micropores and improves the dissolution of minerals. This can simultaneously alleviate drought conditions and salinity issues, while using less water in the process. The effect on soils and plants have been proven in various crops around the world, and now extensively in avocado crops.

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