BlueTech Research Technology Innovation Award for LG Sonic

BlueTech Research Technology Innovation Award for LG Sonic

BlueTech Research Technology Innovation Award for LG Sonic

LG Sonic received the BlueTech Research award “Best Technology Innovation” for the LG Sonic MPC-Buoy.

The MPC-Buoy provides an environmentally friendly solution to control algal blooms in large water surfaces by combining real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasound technology.  

Neutralizing algae growth

In the New Jersey drinking water reservoir four MPC-Buoys were installed to monitor and control algal blooms. By successfully controlling algal blooms with ultrasonic sound waves, operational costs were approximately reduced by $87,800. Providing a simple payback (ROI) of just 1,8 years. Furthermore, chemical usage was reduced by 22% and a significant improvement in water quality was achieved. The ultrasonic sound waves used by the MPC-Buoy fixes the algae in the water column, preventing them from obtaining sunlight and nutrients. This causes the algae to sink to the bottom of the reservoir where they are decomposed by the bacteria present. The sound waves developed by LG Sonic target and neutralize the algae, preventing them from growing and evolving to a blooming stage. These sound waves are harmless to humans, fishes, and other aquatic life. For each type of algae, such as Cyanobacteria, LG Sonic has a specific ‘song’ to target the algae.

Proven all over the world

Currently LG Sonic is running MPC-Buoy projects in 24 countries, in 6 continents. Confirming the massive environmental issue algal blooms have become over the last years. Over the years’ LG Sonic’s MPC-Buoy has been installed in various applications such as drinking water reservoirs, irrigation reservoirs, recreational lakes and cooling ponds of power generation facilities.