Cleantech innovation challenge winner

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Cleantech innovation challenge winner

FREDsense Technologies Corp. (FREDsense) was named one of two cleantech innovation challenge winners. They are being honored for their technology which allows one-hour water quality monitoring for contaminants in the field with the same accuracy as traditional labs. The award was announced in a joint news release by Foresight Canada and United Utilities.

Foresight Canada, a cleantech accelerator, partnered with United Utilities, one of the United Kingdom’s largest water and wastewater companies, and hosted two innovation challenges. These challenges were seeking water quality and management solutions. After a rigorous evaluation process that drew over 20 highly innovative solutions, the challenge #2 winner was FREDsense. Since water is one of the Earth’s most precious resources, both challenges were focused on water quality and reducing the environmental impact of current systems.

“FREDsense is in relentless pursuit of innovation that makes it easy to bring clean water to people across the globe,” said David Lloyd, co-founder and chief executive officer of FREDsense. “We are thrilled that the thoughtful work of our many chemists and other scientists is recognized by these two leaders in the clean water industry. We have shared goals of creating sustainable and effective water programs. When contaminants, such as arsenic are in the water supply, remediation must occur sooner rather than later, which is possible with FREDsense,” Lloyd continued.

Challenge #2 was “Innovative Solutions to Improve Water Quality.” This challenge was aimed at finding low-material and low-energy solutions to enhance water treatment. FREDsense technology combines the power of live-cell biosensors with an ultra-sensitive electrochemical detection technique. Its patented product, “FRED,” the Field Ready Electrochemical Detector, uses a biological system to generate an electrochemical signal for various contaminants in water resources.

“Foresight is proud to have partnered with United Utilities to seek sustainable water

tech solutions. By connecting international corporate leaders facing sustainability

hurdles with Canadian cleantech innovators, we can address climate issues around

the world with made-in-Canada solutions,” Jeanette Jackson, chief executive officer of Foresight Canada said in their news release.

About FREDsense Technologies Corp.
FREDsense is a world leader in portable and rapid water instrumentation systems for the water industry. FREDsense analyzes water chemistry in real time using next-generation biological sensor technology. With modular and customizable sensor solutions and results that are comparable to traditional analytical labs, FREDsense is moving analytical lab analysis into the field, saving time and money. This empowers water utilities, environmental consulting firms, and heavy industry to optimize their water sources in ways never before possible. Learn more about how to bring lab analysis for arsenic and other contaminants to the field at FREDsense biosensors.