Common Ground Alliance Releases Damage Prevention Technologies Report, Honors Leadership

Common Ground Alliance Releases Damage Prevention Technologies Report, Honors Leadership

Report provides case studies and insights on technology that industry stakeholders can use to prevent damages, protect assets and increase overall safety


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Common Ground Alliance (CGA), the stakeholder-driven organization dedicated to protecting underground utility lines, people who dig near them and their communities, has released its third annual Technology Report, “Technology Advancements and Gaps in Underground Safety 2020,” which serves as a record of progress in technology for the damage prevention industry, as well as a source of inspiration for new applications of existing technologies and the development of new technologies.



The 2020 Technology Report, which is produced by CGA’s Technology Committee, identifies gaps that could be filled by new or modified technologies, gaps that are in the process of being addressed by technology, and damage prevention technologies that are currently in use. The report shares information that CGA’s Technology Committee has collected on successful applications of technology, which may eventually lead to the adoption of new CGA Best Practices and raise the overall level of industry knowledge. The report also examines some of the root causes of damages provided in CGA’s Annual Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Reports and offers ideas for how technology could be applied to address them.

Additionally, the report features three case studies that can be used as examples of what works now in damage prevention and/or a preview of what is being developed:

“Exploring current and emerging technologies and how they can help move the damage prevention industry further toward our goal of zero damages to underground utilities is essential, and Common Ground Alliance members are using technology in truly innovative ways to advance our industry,” said Nick A. Starke, co-chair of the CGA Technology Committee. “We are excited to share some of the latest applications of technology in our 2020 Technology Report and help inspire where damage prevention stakeholders go next with their use of technology to reduce damages.”