COP 27 Climate Change Conference - GWP

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COP 27 Climate Change Conference - GWP

GWP at COP27, the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt

It’s been called the African COP, the Adaptation COP, the Implementation COP, the Solutions COP, and the Development COP. Clearly, there is a lot riding on the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) this 6–18 November. It marks the 30th anniversary of the Convention’s adoption, but also a new and difficult phase in global climate action.

As host country, Egypt will attempt to unite 35,000 participants under a collective ambition to tackle climate change. GWP, as a leading authority on water governance, will be active throughout the COP as an observer organisation and a core partner of the COP27 Water Pavilion supported by the Egyptian Government. GWP’s priorities include drawing greater attention to how communities are successfully adapting to the impacts of climate change, with a focus on near-term action to improve resilience . GWP also views COP27 as the right moment to take honest stock of progress made, to turn the funds already pledged into real investment for a just transition, and to collaborate across regional and local efforts. 

GWP’s activities will focus on strengthening relationships with countries and donors to support them in catalysing climate-resilient development. GWP will also champion water equity in Sharm El-Sheikh, especially for women and youth. 

Highlights of GWP’s activities during COP27

Please note that changes may still occur in the below listed activities.  All times are UTC+2 .  


GWP Executive Secretary and CEO, Dario Soto Abril, will attend the  High-Level Implementation Summit , including the  High-Level Roundtable on Water Security . GWP will highlight its support of the AIP High Level Panel on Water Investments for Africa


GWP is a core partner of the 225-square-metre Water Pavilion, which will host thematic days and events throughout COP27, including a Thematic Day on  Water and Climate: Adaptation, Resilience and Cooperation , co-curated by GWP, AGWA and the Government of Egypt. 

At 15:00–16:30, the UN Water Expert Group on Water and Climate will hold the side event  Achieving Climate Change adaptation and mitigation through Water Resilience  supported by multiple UN Agencies and other organisations, including GWP. 

At 16:45–18:15, AGWA and IWMI will be launching the  Expanded Water Tracker for national climate planning partnership  – a tool GWP supports in its member countries. 


The Egyptian Presidency has historically dedicated this day to highlight the importance of water issues within climate discussions. The Presidency event will include the launch of its new  AWARe initiativ e, or  Action on Water Adaptation and Resilience , which GWP has committed to support. This will also be the  Water Day for the Marrakech Partnership , the UNFCCC non-state actor mechanism.  

At the WMO Science Pavilion, GWP’s Associated Programme of Flood Management and Integrated Drought Management Programme will co-host a virtual session entitled  The Last Mile: Flood and Drought Awareness, Warning and Response Capabilities


At 13:15–14:45, the official UNFCCC side event  Finance for Climate Resilience in the Mediterranean and Africa: Water-wise Adaptation  will take place, co-convened by GWP, the International Water Resources Association, and the Union for the Mediterranean. 

At 18:30–20:00, the Integrated Drought Management Programme will also support a high-level ministerial side event of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification,  Rising up from Drought Together: Towards Global Action for Drought Resilience


The Water Pavilion will host a Thematic Day on  Accelerating Youth, Indigenous and Gender Action on Climate and Water , curated by GWP, Sanitation and Water for All, and the American University of Cairo. GWP’s Associated Programme of Flood Management and Integrated Drought Management Programme will be part of a  storytelling session about accessing water and coping with drought , and GWP Central America will join a session on  women as changemakers .  


This will be WASH Day at the Water Pavilion. GWP’s Global Water Leadership Programme will contribute to UNICEF’s morning session at 10:15–11:30, while another session at 13:15–14:00 will see the launch of the updated GWP UNICEF Strategic Framework for Climate Resilient WASH Development

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