Developing a solar-powered desalination facility in Cambodia

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Developing a solar-powered desalination facility in Cambodia
Desolenator is proud to announce that we will bring sustainable water to the fast-growing city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia together with our incredible partners, including Dutch Fund for Climate and Development and WWF. We look forward to developing the first solar thermal desalination unit in Cambodia and providing water to communities and businesses with zero harm to its natural ecosystem.

More than 2 million people in Cambodia lack access to safe water, which is bound to increase due to seasonal droughts, aquifer depletion, and increasing water salinity in coastal areas. “This opportunity to provide water to a city in water stress is not just a wonderful chance to help make a difference for many people, it also offers the chance to contribute to the provisioning of Net Zero water and apply water stewardship in all forms, in a location where population growth outstrips resources.” - William Janssen

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